by KlipKlap produces functional multi-purpose furniture and home accessories. The company was founded during the maternity leave of the owner, Pia Lauritsen. She was searching for a big and cool play mattress for the floor. She never found it, so she started by KlipKlap. The products appeal to modern parents that wish to encourage their children's motor development with elegant and functional design. The company has developed into a supplier of design and interior products in general. 

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KK Daybed

The KK Daybed from Danish by KlipKlap is a flexible piece of furniture that can be used in several different ways and used in different rooms in the home. KK daybed fits into many rooms of the home such as the living room, the kitchen family room and in the hallway. You have the possibility to make the daybed very personally by styling it with for instance green plants, a vase with flowers, a stack of magazines or your favorite items. The KK Daybed can be used as a sofa or an extra bed, but can also be used as a seat with table, if one chooses only to put one seat cushion in the frame.

Only high quality materials have been selected for the furniture. The frame is made of oak and the fabric for the seat and back cushions are carefully chosen to suit the design. KK daybed has a classic look, but you have the possibility to design your own more modern look by choosing e.g. a quilted fabric. The shape of the daybed is tight, but with rounded cushions and corners the daybed seems so it invites to you hang out.

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